Our Expertise

Vintage Lumber Sales' staff of specialized craftsmen are skilled in all phases of the building process and work in a state-of-the-art mill to assure the correct customization of even the most unique installations. All aspects of heartpine and other preferred materials are handled by Vintage Lumber Sales' own in-house experts. What sets VLS apart is Mr. Everett and his staff truly understand the language of the client, the architect, and the builder and makes sure from start to finish - that each

To assure optimum results, Vintage Lumber Sales works closely with the designer of each project and devotes the highest quality service to each of its clients. The VLS Team are professionals you can count on to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our Services

  • A team of dedicated artisans who are proficient in translating the most complicated architectural/design concepts to reality.
  • After dismantling or recovering antique materials, The VLS Team thoroughly inspects all materials.
  • VLS properly grades and warehouses materials to ensure only the highest quality is supplied to our customers.
  • Consistent quality control is achieved through proper post-harvest handling, proper storage and protection from the elements.
  • We will not waste your time or money with anything less than the best. We will deliver the right materials, on time the first time... everytime.
Our design team is the best of the best. True artisans. When you need design that is cosmetically beautiful to suit your taste, as well as logistically designed to fit your project. From rustic to ornately traditional we have the training, creativity, and listening abilities to interpret your vision and goals into tangibles that will exceed expectations.

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