About Vintage Lumber Sales


This story began in 1982, when I broke ground on a farm house in Gay, Georgia. Intent on building the perfect retreat along the Flint River, I chose to use antique lumber, heart pine specifically, for it’s historic beauty and strength.

My search for the best varieties of this special wood, however, proved challenging. Few suppliers existed and even fewer understood its unique characteristics. I decided to assemble my own crew to start searching sites throughout the country for antique lumber. Soon I began studying and purchasing my own heart pine and other antique lumber and before long I wasn’t building just a house, I was building a business.

Equipped with a warehouse of high grade material, a network of resources, and an encyclopedic knowledge of antique lumber, Vintage Lumber Sales was born in 1987. We have since become one of the country’s foremost suppliers of heart pine, oak and old growth cypress and have worked with the leading architects, interior designers, and builders in the country.

Our team of dedicated artisans is proficient at translating the most complicated architectural/design concepts into reality. After dismantling or recovering antique materials, the VLS team thoroughly inspects all materials. We then properly grade and warehouse materials to ensure only the highest quality is supplied to our customers.