"Willis and his crew are all top notch craftsman and their products reflect that in every detail."
~ Jason Smith,
Designer, SC


Our millwork shop is second to none. Not only in the equipment we utilize, but also the true artisans that we employ. Vintage Lumber Sales' craftsmen bring to each and every project over 50 years of experience in areas including: custom carpentry, woodworking, and design. Our craftsmen's expertise and attention to detail fosters their approach to everything they do for our clients so that each project is completed correctly--the first time.

From engineering to wood selection our millwork team has a passion for what they do. There are times in the shop when one of the craftsmen will pause call to his nearest colleague just to come and look at a particular piece of wood that may be particularly unique or beautiful. I have seen the guys huddled around a piece of wood that is worth the pause just to appreciate. Looking through the eyes of our craftsmen you would notice all the subtle details, how was it sawn, how tight are the growth rings, color variation, where will it best fit into the project or should I search for another.  

(Complete online section of woods and grades that are available coming soon.)